Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

Business improvement principles were created out of a necessity to make gradual efficiency gains in the workplace. This philosophy advocated a value system that prized quality over quantity and an improvement focus that was on processes instead of people.

By applying a philosophy that was underpinned by constant business analysis and designed to make constant improvement over time, these changes would focus the business on finding wasteful processes and eliminating them.

Not only that, but the by-product of an improvement focus within any organisation would be the creation of a business culture that worked to improve the organisation’s way of working constantly by identifying process problems.

This means improving the process, not the person carrying out the process.There is waste in every organisation; what matters is how you identify it and what you do about it.
Instead of asking for more effort from employees, process improvement seeks to understand a process as it currently is (As Is) and analyses how to improve it going forward (To Be).
Understanding a current process means capturing it and standardising a way of working for that process. When you standardise the way of working, you get every member of the team carrying out the same process, the same way, every
Improving the process means that you will improve the performance of every employee using the process; so by focusing on process improvement, you will inadvertently improve employee performance.

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