OEE Training

OEE Training

Why Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)?

Why Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)?

Manufacturing a product is a complex process. Without metrics and guidelines it is very easy to lose control and have your business managed by your production. OEE is a tool that combines multiple manufacturing issues and data points to provide information about the process. By analyzing and calculating data it also functions as a framework for root cause analysis. Through a documented process of combining the underlying data OEE provides specific process information. All members of the manufacturing team, from assembly technicians to financial personnel can use the data to understand the current state of the manufacturing process. By having a predetermined framework of the impact of machine availability, performance and quality, OEE provides a framework to track underlying issues and root causes. OEE also provides a framework for improvements in the manufacturing process. By using key OEE concepts such as The Six Big Losses waste exposed by tracking OEE can be understood and efficiencies can be improved.

Measuring OEE is a manufacturing best practice. By measuring OEE and the underlying losses, you will gain important insights on how to systematically improve your manufacturing process. OEE is the single best metric for identifying losses, benchmarking progress, and improving the productivity of manufacturing equipment (i.e., eliminating waste).

Benefits of OEE Training:

  1. Directly tie production efficiencies to fiscal reporting
  2. Reduce investigation time for root cause analysis
  3. Shorten equipment ROI through increased utilization
  4. Decrease costs through waste elimination
  5. Increase customer satisfaction through quality improvement


Course Outline-

  1. Define Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  2. Explain OEE factors
  3. Describe the big six losses
  4. Explain OEE Calculation
  5. Discuss the importance of OEE
  6. Define how to monitor & improve OEE


Learning Methodology:

Lecture, Presentation, Activity based real life demonstration, Game, Related audio-video visuals, Group Activity.

Who Should Attend-

Production Managers, Process Engineers, Quality Managers, Research & Development professionals & any person who wants to improve the process.


One Day Training (10:00 AM to 6:00 PM)


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