Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt and Green Belt Training Combined

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt and Green Belt Training Combined

Why Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training?

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training for those who are new to the world of Lean Six Sigma who has a passion to develop the basic knowledge on Lean Six Sigma. Yellow belts can be entry level representatives who want to be more familiar with the basic concepts of Lean, Six Sigma and DMIAC. Yellow belts have a good idea on Lean six sigma concepts and help the Green Belt projects within the organization. They are essentially responsible to administer small projects using PDCA methodology i.e, (Plan, Do, Check, Act) methodology. Lean Six Sigma is a step-by-step process of interventions and statistical tools that allow companies to interpret which business processes need attention, identify root causes of problems, and sustain gain in improvements.

Duration: 9 Hours | 3 Sessions

Course Outline:

Session 1:

1. Introducing Trainers & Participants. Expectation and Concerns
2. Cost of Poor Quality
3. Kano Model
4. Lean Six Sigma Overview

Session 2:

5. Lean Six Sigma - Three Dimensions (Organization)

6. Lean Six Sigma - Three Dimensions (Methodology)

7. 7 Types of Waste

8. Lean Six Sigma - Three Dimensions _ Tools

Session 3:

9. 5S
10. Poka Yoke
11. Lean Six Sigma - Critical Success Factors
12. Yellow Belt Exam

Why Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training?

In Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training participants will receive an introduction on tools and methods that are essential to participate in DMIAC improvement projects. This course focuses on the basic structure of DMAIC. By taking up this Training professionals can identify the problems and implement solutions to eradicate them. Lean Six Sigma is a people driven process. The Lean Six Sigma project performance level tends to match the level of persistence, expertise, and commitment of the individual members of the team. While reviewing the roles that contribute to the project, most of them think about the champion and Black Belts roles to deploy the project. However, to improve the performance of the projects, Green Belts will also play a critical role in the process improvement. Green belts are skilled team players and their aim is to improve process quality. They help to bridge the gap between the Six Sigma theory and real-world application. Lean Six Sigma Green Belt candidates play a vital role in improving the process, data inspection or Project Management. Green Belt training teaches candidates the basic tools used by a project team and how to apply DMAIC skills that relate to a Lean Six Sigma project.

Duration: 36 Hours | 12 Sessions

Course Outline:

Session 4:

1. Introduction to Lean Six Sigma

2. Define Phase

3. Voice of the Customer

Session 5:

4. Project and Change Management

5. Project Charter

Session 6:

6. Gate Reviews

7. Key Lean Concepts

8. Introduction to Measure

Session 7:

9. Value Stream Map

10. Data Collection

Session 8:

11. Basic Statistics

12. Measurement System Analysis

13. Control Chart for Continuous data

Session 9:

14. Process Capability for Continuous Data

15. Measure Gate Review

16. Introduction to Analyze

17. Root Cause ID and Validation

Session 10:

18. Cause & Effect Matrix

19. Failure Mode and Effect Analysis

20. Introduction to Hypothesis Testing

Session 11:

21. Means and Variance Test

22. One Way ANOVA

23. Simple Linear Regression

Session 12:

24. Analyze Gate Review

25. Introduction to Improve

26. Solution Development

27. Process Flow Improvement

Session 13:

28. Kaizen Event

29. Introduction to DOE

30. Implementation

 31. Improve Gate Review

Session 14:

32. Introduction to Control

33. OEE

34. Process Control Methods

35. Control Gate Review

Session 15:

36. Basics of DFSS

37. Sample Project Discussion

38. Feedback Session

39. Green Belt Exam

Learning Methodology:

Lecture, Presentation, Activity based real life demonstration, Game, Related audio-video visuals, Group Activity, Minitab, Excel.

Who Should Attend:

All Manufacturing & Service industry persons who want to reduce cost, Improve Quality & faster deliver, who wants to implement Lean and Six Sigma Methodologies in their organization to make the projects successful.

Also students who want to pursue their career in this field. 

We would feel proud to be a part of your success story.



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