Problem Solving Skills for Professionals

Problem Solving Skills for Professionals




Session 1

What is a Problem: We will try to understand what a problem is through day to day problems and a case study

Defining a Problem: We will define what a problem is

Case Study: B&H Fine Cut

Problem Solving Chart: We will study and learn the Problem Solving Chart

Problem Statement: We will learn through examples of how to write a problem statement

Root Cause Analysis:

We will understand and learn, with real life case studies, the different root cause analysis techniques including:

         Why Why Analysis

         Ishikawa Analysis

     5W 1H

Session 2

Root Cause Analysis:

           Ishikawa Analysis


We will also undergo workshops to better learn the different techniques

PDCA Cycle:

          We will understand and learn the PDCA Cycle with real life examples

          We will discuss the importance of PDCA and how it can help continual improvement

Eight Disciplines in Problem Solving:

We will learn the 8Ds of Problem Solving and will try to connect the Ds with everything that we had learnt previously



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