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Telstra: Capital Planning & Delivery

Telstra: Capital Planning & Delivery | Melbourne, Australia In 2012, Telstra created the Capital Planning and Delivery (CP&D) function as a dedicated capability within the Finance and Strategy organization. Their purpose was clear – support the annual capital investment allocation, prioritization, and planning processes to better support investment programs & projects. Through strong project management […]

Stronger data protection with updated guidelines on assessing information security controls

4 February 2019 Software attacks, theft of intellectual property or sabotage are just some of the many information security risks that organizations face. And the consequences can be huge. Most organizations have controls in place to protect them, but how can we ensure those controls are enough? The international reference guidelines for assessing information security [...]

APM awards first ever charterships

In October, 271 individuals from across the UK were awarded with Chartered Project Professional status (ChPP) making them the first of their kind in the world. ChPP is exclusively awarded by the Association for Project Management (APM) – the chartered body for the project profession – and is a benchmark demonstrating the attainment of a […]

How ISO 9001 implementation can benefit a consultancy company

How can ISO 9001 benefit a consultancy? Consultancies are often made up of groups of individuals with similar skillsets and backgrounds working in different ways toward a common goal. In fact, when recruiting for a consultancy business, it often pays to recruit consultants who do not have similar skillsets, experience, and backgrounds, to be able [...]

ISO 9001 – How to prepare for an internal audit

Understanding why people get worried The employees in your organization want to do a good job, and having someone from outside of their department coming in to look at their work can make some people worry. Unfortunately, even though the purpose of the internal audit is to verify conformity to the requirements, many people think […]

Does ISO 9001 require a procedure for addressing risks and opportunities?

What is actually required by ISO 9001:2015? In section 6.1 of the standard, there are a few activities that need to take place with regards to the risks and opportunities of the QMS: Identify the risks and opportunities – What needs to be addressed to ensure your QMS does what is needed, builds on desirable […]

Companies Using Lean and Six Sigma to Improve Digital Marketing Efforts

When someone mentions marketing these days, they usually don’t mean traditional marketing channels such as television and radio. While those remain a big part of marketing campaigns, the real action is in digital marketing. Digital marketing encompasses a variety of strategies and tools for marketing. Overall, it involves advertising and targeting customers with marketing campaigns […]

Lean Six Sigma Helps Supply Chain Star Earn Recognition

A young supply chain star recently won recognition by receiving a NextGen for Industry Award, providing another example of a woman becoming a trailblazer in both the supply chain field and process improvement. The award winner is Aleah Titus, one of the youngest supply chain managers at ABB. The company works with industries, transporters and […]

Process Improvement Skills Part of Many In-Demand Jobs For 2019

When it comes to the most in-demand jobs for 2019, process improvement skills play a big role in many of them. In a recent list of most promising U.S. jobs from LinkedIn’s Official Blog, only a few did not have some relation to process improvement. LinkedIn also noted that these jobs come with “high salaries, a […]